My Little Tokyoマイ・リトル・トーキョー

Homemade sushi rolls and hot food at Paddington Markets!

   The Japanese family Yuka and David have introduced Japanese food at the Paddington Markets. They are there every Saturday and you will see their big sign that says; "Japanese Cuisine" in the front of their stall.

Prawn Yakisoba ($10)

   Yuka makes not only all the Sushi Rolls ($3 each / $7.50 with 2 rolls and Miso Soup or Hot Green Tea) but also Gyoza (Yes, they are prepared handmade! and come in Pork or Vegetarian) ($1.50 each / $7.50 for 6) and Tsukune Yakitori (pork meatball skewers) ($3 per skewer), cooked fresh on the BBQ at the stall.

Teriyaki-don ($9)

   Guess what the most popular market food in Japan? The answer is Yakisoba (Japanese style fried noodles), so enjoy the festive mood of the markets with their Teppan-yaki style Yakisoba freshly cooked in front of you, Chicken ($8.50) or Prawn ($10).

Sushi Roll Set ($7.50) with Miso Soup or Green Tea

My Little Tokyo マイ・リトル・トーキョー

Paddington Markets, 395 Oxford St., Paddington ■Every Sat (unless heavily rainy) 11am-4pm