Longest running Japanese takeaway at food court!

   Located in the basement level food court of a building right behind Town Hall Woolworths, there is a Japanese takeaway shop which has been running there for over 23 years – Momiji. Akira Aoki, the Japanese owner-chef of Momiji has had many years of experience in restaurants in Japan before relocating to Australia.

Katsu Curry ($9)

   Momiji’s motto is “Quick, Cheap and Tasty” and there are a variety of menus to choose from. You can enjoy a “Combination Meal” (S$7, L$8) with a choice of 3 from over 10 displayed dishes with white or fried rice.

Homemade Ramen ($8.50)

   They also offer a range of menu items made to order. An all-time favourite is the “Katsu Curry” ($9), a delicious home-style dish. During winter their “Tonjiru” (Miso based soup with sliced pork and vegetables) (S$1, M$2, L$4) is a must try! You won’t go wrong with eating at Momiji!

Sushi + Mini Udon Set ($9)

Momiji もみじ

●Basement, Shop BE, 303 Pitt St., Sydney  ☎ (02)9283-3835 ■Mon – Fri 11AM-4:30PM, Sat + Sun closed