Menya Chinatownめんやチャイナタウン

Hakata style ramen now available

Menya Ramen ($9.30)

   If you are a ramen lover, you might know the word Tonkotsu which is the broth made from pork bones and is a specialty from the Kyushu region in Japan. However, have you tried Hakata style ramen before? Hakata is a town in Fukuoka City and their ramen is famous for using not only Tonkotsu soup but also the thin and straight ramen noodles (as thin as soba noodles). Now Menya Hakata Ramen ($10) is available for you to try! Luckily, Kaedama (second noodles) is free for Menya Hakata Ramen!

Menya Hakata Ramen ($10 with free Kaedama upon request)

   The Deluxe Ramen Set is one of their most popular menus – Tonkotsu Shoyu or Chicken Shoyu Ramen, Gyoza and your choice of Rice Bowls including Curry, and the prices are $15.90 for regular, $13.90 mini (add $1 for both if you choose Tonokotsu Shoyu Ramen).

Deluxe Ramen Set (see the article for the prices)

Menya Chinatown めんやチャイナタウン

Shop TG8, 8 Quay St., Haymarket ☎ (02)9212-1020 ■Lunch [Open 7 Days] 11:30am-3:30pm, Dinner [Open 7 Days] 5:30pm-9:30pm