Delicious homemade noodles – both ramen and udon

   Some of you may remember that once there were two popular Japanese restaurants, both called “Azabu-Juban” in the city in the 1990’s; one specialised in rice bowls and was located in the MLC Centre, the other was nearby and specialised in noodles. They relocated to Surry Hills with the same Japanese head-chef and opened Komachi in 2002.

Pork Ramen ($15)

   Komachi is one of the very rare Japanese restaurants in Sydney where you can enjoy homemade ramen and udon noodles, as well as Gyoza skins. Their udon noodles are perhaps slightly thinner than what you normally have in Sydney, however, this style exists in Japan and is often considered as “elegant”. The ramen noodles are also sensational! The broth is made with bonito for udon, and chicken for ramen. Gyoza ($8) can be cooked in your favourite style; pan fried, steamed or deep fried, though most Japanese people request pan fried as it is the traditional way to be served at ramen restaurants in Japan.

Sukiyaki Udon ($19)

   Komachi offers not only a range of ramen and udon but also many other Japanese dishes including several bento boxes. Sushi rolls are displayed in a showcase for both eat-in and takeaway. If you want to try something different, their amazingly tender Pork Belly ($14) cooked for 2 days is what we recommend.

Assorted Sushi from Banquet Menus ($29 or $38pp / minimum order for 6)

   There are reasonable set menus for lunch and also banquet menus for groups are available. They also have a “Wednesday Night Special”; various Japanese tapas dishes all under $5 every Wednesday night.

Gyoza ($8)

   Another specialty of this restaurant is their unique “Big Ramen Challenge” which has been featured several times in the Sydney Morning Herald and the TV program, “Sydney Weekender”. It is 900g noodles (1.5kg after being boiled) and 300g meat served in a huge bowl with 2.5l of soup. If you finish the whole bowl including the soup within 60min, the meal is free and you also receive a $100 meal voucher for your next visit. If you lose, you have to pay $100. So far there are 26 winners, so why not you to become the 27th?!

Pork Belly ($14)

Komachi 小町

●426 Cleveland St., Surry Hills   ☎ (02)9319-6554 ■Open 6 Days except Tue 11:30am-10pm ◇Fully licensed (BYO wine only) www.komachi.com.au