What is “Yanagawa Nabe”?

Sushi & Sashimi Mixed Platter ($28.80)

   Kintaro has long been a popular dining spot for the locals in Neutral Bay [including families with children as they have several kids menus]. The current owner-chef Masa Satsuma (for the last 5 years) serves authentic Japanese cuisine, using dashi (soup stock) made with natural bonito flakes for all the soup dishes, as well as for their homemade teriyaki sauce and even the miso paste for Nasu-Dengaku (sweet miso eggplant) ($9.80).

Beef Tataki ($13.80)

   Have you heard “Yanagawa Nabe”? It is one of the famous Japanese dishes in Japan (originally from Tokyo), but quite rare to find in Sydney; beaten egg poured onto a hot iron plate with your choice of Salmon and Spinach ($17.50), Tonkatsu ($16.50) or Eel ($23.50). Doesn’t it sound great? Yes, it is!

Sukiyaki ($19 / with raw egg $19.50)

Kintaro 金太郎

Shop 1, 24 Young St., Neutral Bay ☎ (02)9904-5188 ■Open 6 Days except Mon 5:30pm-10:30pm ◇Fully licensed