Izakaya tapas menu, all $7 or $12

   The owner-chef Hiro Takagi worked for 6 years at the prestigious Tetsuya’s Restaurant before opening Japaz, and he introduces a mixture of Izakaya dishes; some traditional Japanese and some Western. Remarkably most food items are either $7 or $12, and Hiro says, “You will be satisfied for under $30 each for your meal”.

Wagyu Beef Salad in Crispy Tortilla Shell with Sweet Chilli & Fresh Lime ($12)

   What most Japanese people are crazy about at Japaz is their Homemade Hamburger Steak ($12) – a 100% Wagyu beef patty cooked in Hiro’s special demi-glace sauce (which itself is slowly cooked over 3 days!). Beef Tataki (seared beef)($7) is another must-order dish, using tender sirloin beef.

Homemade Hamburger Steak ($12)

   You might think it’s odd to have sandwiches in a restaurant for dinner, but try their Katsu Sandwiches ($12), it is one of the signature dishes of Japaz.

Beef Tataki ($7)

Japaz ジャパズ

165 Wycombe Rd., Neutral Bay ☎ (02)9904-0688 ■Open 6 Days except Sun 6pm-10pm ◇Fully licensed (BYO wine only) www.japaz.com.au