Goshu Ramen Tei豪州らーめん亭

One of the best Wagyu beef to be found at a casual restaurant

   With more than 20 years of history, Goshu Ramen Tei is the longest running Ramen restaurant in Sydney. The current owner-chef, Jun-ichi Tago prepares broth for Ramen with pork, chicken and beef slowly cooked for hours until it becomes clear, and you can enjoy it in many combinations of flavours and toppings. One of their popular Ramen dishes is Tan Tan Ramen ($14) which is topped with specially cooked pork mince. Delicious!

Tan Tan Ramen ($14)

   Goshu Ramen Tei also offers other dishes including set menus, and there is the remarkably tender Wagyu Beef Steak Set ($26 with Salad, Rice and Miso Soup). They use not just Wagyu but Wagyu with a marbling score of 9+. You’ll be surprised when you taste the best Wagyu in this casual restaurant! 

Wagyu Steak Set ($26 with Salad, Rice and Miso Soup)


Goshu Ramen Tei 豪州らーめん亭

Shop 2, 5 York St., Sydney ☎ (02)9290-3745 ■Open 6 Days except Sun [Mon – Fri] 11:30am-10pm, [Sat] 12pm-3:30pm, 5pm-9pm ◇Licensed / BYO